Virtual PBX compatible with Skype?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Reece, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Thanks for the post, Cathie. I know Casey, our Virtual PBX category manager, has been looking for a solution for you. He'll should have an answer for you soon.

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    Hello friend,

    I was facing the same problem during the time of expansion of my business. What I did was I contacted a hosted PBX provider. They provided me with complete VoIP telephony solution for my business’ growing needs. They provided me with a softphone on my computer and I could process all my calls and faxes too. I would suggest you try the same. I would also like to recommend you my virtual PBX service provider The RealPBX.

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    Skype appears to have a pretty rocky history with smoothly integrating full PBX functionality. As OP pointed out, OnState is no longer in business. Until Summer 2011, Skype had an open agreement with an open source software service called PBX Asterisk that allowed you to power a traditional PBX box with Skype service. Skype now offers their own service for powering your traditional PBX box called Skype Connect for about $7.00 a line, but you still must buy or own expensive PBX hardware.

    Many users would benefit from obtaining their Virtual PBX capabilities through a vendor that includes pbx and voip functionality under the same package.


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