What happens with a Virtual PBX when my cell phone is off?

Discussion in 'Small Business Computer' started by Matt, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Matt

    Matt New Member

    If I have a virtual PBX service setup and a caller dials the extension that forwards to my cell phone, but my cell phone is currently off (eg: I'm on a plane), does the caller go to my cell phone's voicemail, since it will likely answer before the virtual PBX, or will the virtual PBX recognize that the phone is off and send the caller to the voicemail I set up on the system?
  2. leo

    leo Member

    Unfortunately, if your phone is off, that call will be picked up by your cell phone's voicemail rather than your virtual PBX voicemail. It's a pretty frustrating experience- looking around to see if there is a good solution.
  3. leo

    leo Member

    Actually, Grasshopper's Twitter support (Grasshopper is a virtual PBX provider) suggested using their call screening or call announce to avoid this problem. By turning on call screening, when the call comes in to your mobile, you are asked to dial a number to either connect or dismiss the caller. If your voicemail picks up right away, no selection will be made and the call will ultimately go to your Grasshopper voicemail. This feature should work with any virtual PBX service that offers call screening.

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