Online Fax Service Overview

What is an Online Fax Service?

What is online fax

An Online Fax Service is a web-based faxing software that you pay a subscription fee to use. Instead of feeding printed documents into a fax machine, Online Fax Services work by uploading computer files (.doc, .pdf, .xls, and many others) into the software and faxing them electronically to either a fax number or email address. Faxes sent are encrypted and stored online in a password-protected account.

Popular Online Fax Companies & Fax Plans

RingCentral Fax 700 

  • RingCentral - Fax 700: 

    • This service is of the highest quality and the plan comes at an exceptionally low price for the amount of included pages per month (700) as well as around-the-clock customer support.

metrofax essential for business faxing online

  • MetroFax - Essential: 

    • This service is one of the best on the market. Boasting an interface with a sleek modern design, loads of features, and great reliability, MetroFax’s 500-page Essential plan is hard to beat.

nextiva faxing services online

  • Nextiva - Single User: 

    • With the cheapest annual price on the market (less than $60), Nextiva’s Single-User plan is great for those who plan on using the service for a while and don’t need flashy features such as mobile faxing apps and eSignatures.

efax plus for online faxing

  • eFax - Plus: 

    • eFax is the most well-known and one of the most reliable services on the market, however it’s a bit pricey for the amount of pages allotted per month and the overage rates are steep as well.

myfax best faxing plan

  • MyFax - Best Value: 

    • Once the poster-child of online fax services, MyFax’s reliability has slipped lately, but it still is on the cutting edge of online fax features and availability with local numbers in all 50 states.

More information on how ChooseWhat reviews each faxing provider - Online Fax Review Methodology 


How To Fax Online?

  • Fax with eFax

    • Sign up for an eFax account, upload files through online interface, enter recipient's fax number (or email address) and click “send”.
  • Fax with Gmail / HelloFax:

    • Log into your Gmail account, compose a fax the same way you would compose an email, and in the “To” field, enter the fax number of the person you’re faxing @ the domain of the fax service you use. 
    • e.g. if you use HelloFax, the address would be
  • Fax with Microsoft Outlook 2013:

    • Sign up for an online fax service that integrates with Microsoft Office, make sure Outlook is your default email client, then download and install the integration files. 
    • To send a fax in Outlook, just go to “File,” “New,” then click on “Internet Fax.” You’ll also be able to send faxes from Word after installation.
  • Fax with Your Smartphone:

    • Sign up for an online fax service that has an app for your phone, download app, upload files through app, enter recipient’s number, and click "send"

Industries That Rely On Online Fax

  • Legal (attorneys and lawyers)

  • Medical

  • Government

  • Realtors

  • Insurance

  • Educators

  • Professional Sports

Check out this Starticle on additional companies that benefit from an online faxing service: "Who Should Use Online Fax?"


Online Fax versus Traditional Fax Machines

fax security office

  • Security (HIPAA)

  • Green Benefits

  • Reduced Overhead/ Operating Costs

  • No Machine/ Ink & Paper/ Maintenance

  • Mobility - Fax from anywhere with internet connection (phone, laptop, etc.)

  • Integrated Contact Lists (don’t have to search for a number on a different app)

  • No upfront costs, only pay minimal monthly fee

  • New updates, features and improvements are included with the monthly fee

  • Free tech support

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