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    Undertaking today is not as easy as you think, Many say they undertake but soon realize that they need to develop some skills and habits that most people do not have and in the worst case they do not want to implement, to undertake means to develop habits very important as discipline, perseverance, passion or intense desire for what you want among others, which make the difference between other people, although each entrepreneur is different and has its own strategies what is true is that everyone has some habits in common.
    1. Constant Planning:
    Like any good construction, work or art, the first thing that requires is good planning, in the venture planning the day's activities, those of the week and maybe months, marks the path of a good entrepreneur. It becomes easy to allow other people's priorities to take over our day when there is not a defined plan or agenda that points to clear objectives; answering emails, WhatsApp, phone calls, browsing or chatting on Facebook, pending appointments and the many meetings among other pending that do not have to miss, consume the most productive time. A successful entrepreneur makes sure to take the necessary time, first of all, to plan their activities chronologically, relating them with clear objectives towards an already defined goal, project the expected results and use tools that allow them to measure their achievements.
    2. Clear Goals and Objectives:
    Having a clear and defined horizon is the navigation map of successful entrepreneurs, setting a clear and well-defined goal that sets the spirit in motion, provides hope and keeps alive the flame of action which leads to the establishment of very clear objectives and well defined in different stages of short, medium and long term which leads to focus when things do not go well and you can go directing their actions without going out of the way, always keeping moving even slowly. Not having clarity about the goal and objectives, prevent a good plan of action and without a good plan, structured and implemented never achieve your goals much less reach your goal.
    3. Are at Risk:
    Accepting big challenges and taking the risk that these entails are undoubtedly the fuel that sets a true entrepreneur on the road to success; Entrepreneurs are constantly taking risks and many label them as crazy and irresponsible, something very clear is that the greater the risk the greater the benefit of being successful. Ordinary people feel too afraid and seldom take big risks, prefer the safe they settle for the little and keep it, look for safe jobs and cling to them by submitting to things that ultimately keeps them in an endless cycle of dissatisfaction, arduous work, and mediocrity. Entrepreneurship brings great risks which are calculated, planned and mitigated through the development of an action plan based on specific objectives that point to a clear and well-defined goal.
    4. Service to others:
    To devote oneself to serving others in a sincere and disinterested way, always providing added value without being asked for, marks the way towards the conquest of success. Those who focus on their own success never achieve true success, putting one's foot on the other's head to achieve their goals distances them from the possibility of being successful. Serving others is the right way, expecting us to serve leads to bureaucracy and make people move away and with them the possibility of reaching the big goals.
    A good entrepreneur is attentive to serve his clients, his bosses to subordinates, creates products or services that solve problems in people, becomes unstoppable helping others, puts first the interest of others, becomes a leader and teaches by example, promotes growth, creates communities that serve each other and then their services transcend many people allowing achievement in others leads to true personal success.
    5. Confidence in themselves
    Self-confidence leads the entrepreneur to take great risks which bring multiplied benefits, they feel that they can do things and do them, they usually enjoy good self-esteem and every time instills tranquility and confidence in others. A successful entrepreneur is honest with himself knows their strengths and takes advantage of them but also knows their weaknesses and seeks to overcome them, supports and seeks professional help is associated with positive people who are in the path of entrepreneurship and success and choose very well to his mentors, follows models of development and achievement of objectives, focusing on people who already have the results he expects, progressing sagaciously in his objectives guided by paths already traced, patient, persevering and disciplined, achieving his desired goals.
    6. They are oriented to action:
    One of the great habits that identify successful entrepreneurs is that they are always in action, they become unstoppable when they carry out good planning and define their goals and objectives set out in their plan of action.
    They develop an intense desire to achieve their goals and achieve the goals that merge them into action, they do not work but they produce and have fun, their tireless tendency to action keeps them busy and very focused without allowing themselves to be diverted from the greatest objectives. Their tenacity and focused work lead them to have great results.
    Entrepreneurs work as a team develop great leadership and help others grow and exploit their potential, empower people and guide them on the right path to success, are pleased with the achievements of others and therefore are more successful and They transcend, managing to inspire others and leave a legacy to their generations.
    7. Take advantage of the opportunities:
    If entrepreneurs have something to exalt, they are always alert and can see the opportunities and take advantage of them when they appear, take advantage of the moments when the preparation meets the opportunity and make those benefits theirs; For others this point is classified as "luck" because they are not prepared for when the opportunities appear so they do not see them much less take advantage of what they call "bad luck".The opportunities today are knocking at the door of people looking for who can take advantage of them, people spend so busy in their jobs, commitments and tasks that end up kicking these opportunities which are being taken by people who are prepared and ready to take advantage of them, those are Entrepreneurs see opportunities where others only see problems, stay alert and change as the world changes, adapt quickly and discover trends in the economy, change old tools for new ones and take advantage of technology, criticize less and climb in the waves of growth and development achieving the success that they have so longed for.
    8. Priority for continuous learning:
    Being an entrepreneur implies undergoing change, looking for new systems to be educated focused on working the self to then do and finally have. Education is the basis on which true success is sown, cultivated and harvested; unfortunately many people nowadays believe themselves to be finished product believe that because they studied the race as I do not know which one, they leave the classroom and stop the learning process which must be continuous, I think it should go from the cradle to the grave because the to learn to be human. You never get to know everything, so it's good to stay in a continuous process where you educate yourself, based on principles and values that lead to good action. The economy changes at great speed and with this the ways of negotiating too, only a good continuous education can keep competitive by innovating and growing.
    9. They are ambitious and think big:
    Many think that being ambitious is a vice and not a virtue, they confuse greed with ambition. Being an entrepreneur leads to develop the habit of ambition, want big things and think big about your goals, set big challenges and take serious commitments is typical of ambitious entrepreneurs who do not settle for the little when you can get that much. If we analyze it from the Christian perspective it speaks of a God of great blessings, He wants us to take advantage of everything that has been placed within our reach, God does not love poverty or misery He gives us until he overcomes and abounds. Nothing has to do with ambition with greed, ambition is to think big about working for the most precious thing and getting it; greed is the hoarding or accumulation of precious material things also very related to greed.
    10. Optimal Health :
    healthy being healthy has to do with having a good balance between the mental and physical that allows the best development of the intellect as well as the body. Good eating habits in the entrepreneurial people favor the development of their goals and objectives, if one does not take care of their diet and exercise physically, they can do their best. Nobody can say that he is a very successful person if all he has is money because in the process of acquiring it he lost his health or degraded through prolonged neglect or abuse through unhealthy habits; True success is achieved when you achieve a balance between the material, the spiritual, the intellect, interpersonal relationships, and physical health.Finally, we can identify that these 10 habits exposed characterize the true entrepreneurs who risk, invest, fight, persevere and conquer their most precious dreams, reaping great personal success and wealth. Accompanied by joy, personal satisfaction, family and in many cases personal fulfillment and the true purpose of life.
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    @the ceo this was a good read! Lots of worthwhile concepts in here.

    Also, I had to look up what "sagacious" means (Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsightedness) and I really like that word! Thanks for the new addition to my vocabulary!
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