10 Things to know what business to start

Discussion in 'General Business' started by the ceo, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. the ceo

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    1. How much do you love the business?
    2. How much do you know about the business?
    3. What is your experience in the industry?
    4. What resources do you have at your disposal to start?
    5. What are the market trends?
    6. What is the value proposition of the business?
    7. What are the barriers to entry to the market?
    8. What needs are unsatisfied?
    9. What are the possibilities for growth and expansion?
    10. What is your vision?
  2. Charles T

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    The one of these that I personally hone in on the most is #8 What needs are unsatisfied. Therein lies the core of potential success with any new business. In today's crowded field, answering that question accurately holds the potential for exponential growth.
  3. the ceo

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    yeah i agree with you...
  4. SamuelKennedy

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    Things to know before starting a business are following below:-
    • Evaluate yourself
    • Think of a business idea
    • Write your business plan
    • Do market research
    • Count the costs
    • Know the legal requirements
    • Choose a Business Name
    • Register Your Business Name
    • Make it official
    • Develop your product or service
    • Start building your team, etc.
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  5. Charles T

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    Thanks @SamuelKennedy ! Your contributions have been great lately.
  6. Charles T

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    Friendly reminder to all that our core (non-forum) site is constantly being updated with new tips & links to help in the formation and early growth of your small business! https://www.choosewhat.com/

    Click whichever category on the left pertains to the step that you're currently on!
  7. alex kosh

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    the main source to help make any business in the world is Google!
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