10 tips to start a business with little investment

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    1. Maintain sources of family income
    When starting a business, in general, the cash flow is negative; so it is advisable to maintain the ordinary sources of income. It is not advisable to leave a stable job.

    2. Work on the business idea
    When a business starts with little investment, important aspects of planning are often neglected; the advisable thing is to have defined the idea of business and the objectives to optimize the resources.

    3. Analyze the market
    Entrepreneurs usually fall in love with their idea and their products. However, it is necessary to analyze the market; Supply and demand are the variables that must be known before starting a business.

    4. Determine how much capital is needed
    When businesses are created with little investment, it is necessary to determine what is the necessary capital for the idea to work; without these calculations, you can not know what kind of financing is needed.

    5. Investigate collective financing platforms
    All entrepreneurs sooner or later will need financing, much more when they create businesses with little investment; you have to know the companies of collective financing or crowdfunding since they can be a good option.

    6. Use social networks
    The use of social networks today is vital for all aspects of a business. When you start businesses with little investment you have to find the right people to support the project; social networks facilitate the connection.

    7. Perform a start test
    A start at a smaller scale will save money and at the same time serve to see if the business works. The test will give confidence to future investors.

    8. Evaluate the results and opinions
    Any business idea that you are trying to implement will suffer changes. You have to evaluate things to know what works well and what does not work; Expert opinion can help improve execution.

    9. Request a loan if necessary
    If the business generates sufficient cash flow and financing is required to grow, the feasibility of a loan must be evaluated; you do not have to hand over the domain of a company when the best option is a credit.

    10. Work adjusted to the budget
    Entrepreneurs who have built businesses with little investment know that it is necessary to commit to a budget; Financial discipline is key to the success of any business.
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    While some may find it obvious, "7. Perform a start test" bears repeating & emphasis. Shooting for the moon with your first iteration can often lead to spectacular failure. Discovery by trial is often the best method of learning, and it is wise to do so on the smallest scale possible with the earliest iteration(s).
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