10 ways to promote your business on a budget

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    There are two axioms in the promotion of a business: 1) you have to promote your business consciously; Do not wait for someone else to do it for you. 2) To promote your business you need to have something that is required for all things in the company: budget.
    However, the Small Business About site indicates that there are 10 ways to promote a business without spending as much. These are:
    1. Use any piece of paper or email that leaves your company to promote yourself: Surely you have business cards, but, reflect, what other papers do you get from the company where you can get promoted? Think of letterheads, envelopes, faxes, et cetera. Also, the emails you send may also be useful to promote yourself; write the address of the company, the telephones, the fax number, the address of your website and even your slogan. You can dress the information with the logo of the company.
    2. Write articles on topics related to your business: A good article can provide free advertising and can be a good tool to generate virality. The more specific the topic, the better. At the end of the document, you can add a small autobiographical note or a brief profile of your company. You can use the internet as a means to spread it through a blog.
    3. Generate press releases: whether you use the situation to present the services of your company or that generate opinions or interesting positions on various topics, you can use this mechanism to promote yourself for free in the media. Remember to keep updated the database of the media to which you will send it and be available to give interviews.
    4. Use time on the internet to promote yourself: If you are a user of social networks, generate messages to promote yourself. You must prepare the information in advance so that the information is well written and can generate the desired effect. You can also participate in forums to make a brand presence.
    5. Make alliances: look for companies that offer complementary products or services. Once identified, you look for your leaders and propose a strategy to promote yourself as a whole. Advertising expenses can be distributed and even brochures or business cards can be placed in your offices or stores.
    6. Give away products or services: You do not have to spend too much, you can give ice cream or feathers, the important thing is that you attract the attention of people. If what you care about is increasing the loyalty of your clients, you can offer gifts or prizes for accumulated points.
    7. Launch a radio program: more and more companies launch radio programs through the internet. Find a station that deals with issues related to your core business and propose a new program. This will help you reach people who are interested in getting more information about the topic you are working on.
    8. Participate in seminars or conferences: If you know of an event in which they will deal with issues such as the one you are working with, look for the organizers and offer them a lecture. Some of them charge to allow you to expose, but you can propose an exchange.
    9. Use your car to promote: you do not need to label your entire vehicle with the company's logo; Just enough that you put the image of your business in the most visible spaces. Every time you go out you'll get the attention of some people. Do not forget to add a phone or email so they can get in touch with you.
    10. Become a sponsor: select a celebrity with whom you seek to be identified. Find the information about your manager and get in touch. Offer to sponsor him; So, every time this person appears in the media, your brand will also appear.
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