6 ways to promote your business online for free

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    1. Ensure the presence of your business in the maps of the main search engines.
    The vast majority of search engines have services in which to register the location of your premises. The registration is free and offers you the possibility to appear in the results of local searches.
    In our country, the search engine par excellence is Google, so it is essential to appear in your results. Google Places allows you to register your business and place it on Google Maps and even link it to a Google Plus page. The benefits are multiple since the presence and interactions across the Google network are positioned as one of the main forms of search engine optimization in the immediate future.
    Other search engines, such as Bing, also have a service with similar characteristics.
    2. Publish a blog.
    Having a business blog offers two great advantages :
    - is a way to directly contact your audience or customers, and
    - Help your company to gain value in front of the public.
    Also, if you have the opportunity to publish articles in other blogs specific to your sector, you will be contributing to the marketing of your business.
    3. Promote your business in Social Networks
    Social networks allow us to connect with friends and entertain ourselves, but in addition, today they have become free promotional tools.
    Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin are free distribution channels, although they also have payment options that allow advertising for a specific audience. We must not forget that they allow us to be where people spend a large part of their time.
    4. Send your clients newsletters
    Every time your company participates in an event or you receive a new product, it is vital to inform your customers, and email marketing is a very interesting advertising tool since it allows you to send to a list of emails that information that you consider interesting to spread. Applications like MailChimp offer a free subscription service and tools for email marketing.
    5. Publish a photo catalog
    Flickr or Instagram allows you to collect photographs of your business, services or products for free and even integrate those galleries on your website. Any relevant update in your business is an excuse to take photos and upload them.
    6. Upload videos to YouTube
    More than one billion unique users visit YouTube every month, so, it becomes a showcase where you can distribute free promotional videos.
    As you can see, there are many possibilities, and many are those who have taken advantage of the pull of social networks to promote themselves. Of course, it is very important that the content you offer in any of the networks mentioned are interesting and relevant to your customers or users, and are related to your activity.
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