7 ideas to improve your brand identity

Discussion in 'Name Your Business' started by the ceo, May 16, 2019.

  1. the ceo

    the ceo Member

    # 1 worry about your corporate identity
    # 2 be different, but to fall in love with your ideal client and forget your competition
    # 3 make sure all your elements are integrated to highlight the values of your business
    # 4 always use your brand manual
    # 5 if necessary, work with graphic design professionals
    # 6 audit your visual identity with your own clients
    # 7 analyze and learn from other brands
    # 8 be creative and surprise
  2. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    I like #5 - a graphic designer will help ensure that you have a cohesive, professional look to everything that you want associated with your brand.
  3. the ceo

    the ceo Member

    mee too
  4. Agree with almost all the points but, there are some points which needs to be elaborated.
    i.e. always use your brand manual, worry about your corporate identity.
  5. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    @Detroit Cashforhomes I think @the ceo is trying to say with #1 to be concerned with how your corporate image is perceived and work on maintaining that image as best you can, carefully utilizing everything from PR to promotion; and with #4 to maintain the consistency of your brand image across all digital media etc.
  6. uscbdboxes1

    uscbdboxes1 New Member

    thanks for sharing this post, but according to me the 8th point is the best one
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  7. SamuelKennedy

    SamuelKennedy Member

    Thank you for sharing this article, but I believe the eighth point is the finest.
  8. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    @SamuelKennedy is there an echo in here? :D

    just kidding - glad that you and @uscbdboxes1 agree that # 8 being creative and surprising is the best way to improve brand identity!

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