Best scanning app for 2016

Discussion in 'General Business' started by leo, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. leo

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    I received the following question on Twitter today:

    Up until recently, I used Genius Scan+, and I was completely satisfied. It did the job and was relatively easy to use. However, a few months ago I stumbled onto Evernote's free Scannable app. I gave it a try, and I instantly switched. Before Scannable, Genius Scan seemed like a good solution, but Scannable removed irritations that I didn't know I had. For example, when scanning a document with a phone, you need to hold it completely still while pressing the picture button- which is quite difficult. Scannable solved this by constantly looking for documents in the camera's field of view when the app is open and saving the image automatically as soon as it comes into focus. No more blurry scans. It also uses the flash and some filters to brighten the text and remove shadows.

    Regarding the Twitter question, you can save the scans as image files or PDF's. Because it is an Evernote product, it obviously integrates seamlessly with Evernote, but I also am able to save it to Dropbox using the "share" button.

    Finally, Scannable is currently a completely free app.
  2. DonaldJewell

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    Definitely Evernote Scannable! It can be considered the scanning app for 2016 for its high quality scanning and photo with great results.

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