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    I have a new online business and am looking for the best types of advertising. I have read good things about Affiliate Marketing and the Cost Per Sale campaigns. What do any of you think? My business is new and online only so the advertising will have to be specific to that. Thanks.
    Justin Roth
    Candlelight Foundation Inc.
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  2. Reece

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    Hi Justin, <strong>Affiliate Marketing</strong> could be a great solution for your business, especially if you are new to online marketing. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that depending on the type of business you operate, many of the companies you wish to work with will already have programs in place. Signing up for one of their programs sometimes can be as easy as visiting their website and filling out a form. Two websites which manage a large amount of affiliate programs are <strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></strong> & <strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></strong>. Check these websites out some time and you'll notice that it is pretty easy to get started in affiliate marketing. For both of these services you simply create an account then; from their large database of programs, choose the companies with which you wish to have an affiliate deal.<br><br>

    Keep in mind that this form of marketing is best used when you are advertising specific products. For example let's say you are running an advertisement for sodas on your website. With the standard affiliate marketing model you will need to keep in mind that at least in terms of your affiliate contracts, you will be running advertisements for company A, company B and/or company C - so make sure you know (or can find out) the companies in the industry which you are operating. You are not just advertising sodas, you are advertising a specific brand of soda.<br><br>

    It is important to note that three most popular forms of affiliate marketing models are Cost per Sale, Cost per Lead, and Cost per Click. Cost per Lead is when a company pays you each time someone clicks on an advertisement on your site and either creates a profile, fills out a form containing their contact information, or signs up for a free trial. The payout for each lead is typically lower than the payout for each sale in the Cost per Sale model, but since the visitor does not actually have to purchase anything often times each visitor will convert into a lead at a higher rate than converting to a purchased sale. Not all companies offer this but it is something to look out for. Cost per Click simply means each time someone clicks on your advertisement, the company you are advertising for pays you a fee. The payout per click is usually very low and you will typically only see it practiced on sites with extremely high traffic volume, and, on sites that advertise products which contain little to no relevance to the actual topic/content of the website (ex: a car advertisement on an extremely high traffic sports website).<br><br>

    In terms of how the deals are set up, Cost per Sale is a great way to keep your marketing costs low while at the same time building a relationship with company you are advertising for. Before going in to a cost per sale relationship it is good to check a few things - the amount of traffic you plan on receiving, the amount of traffic you believe you will be able to send through the advertisement, and how much the company is willing to pay you per sale. Often times in a cost per sale relationship the payout should be significantly higher than in other contracts due to the fact that the company is only writing you a check when someone goes to your site, clicks on the advertisement, then buys a specific product. Keep in mind though that in this type of relationship you are going to be tied to 2 conversion rates, the smaller scale one being "from the people clicking on this advertisement, how many are buying the product" and on a much larger scale "how many visitors to my website does it take to produce one sale from the advertisement(s)". Still, I think the Cost per Sale model is a great way to start out and learn about affiliate marketing while at the same time keeping your risks low and potentially making some money.<br><br><br>

    Thanks for using our forum, if you have any further questions feel free to ask,<br><br>

    Reece, ChooseWhat Staff
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    Thanks for the information. I am looking for affiliate programs that are inexpensive to join. I know that they are free to join, but I am seeking ones that are low to no cost start-up fees and low deposit amounts. Like Shareasale is about $650 and is legit. ClixGalore is $75 for the basic package. I am just looking for options for some that aren't going to break the bank to get on their network. If you have any ideas let me know.

    Justin Roth
    Candlelight Foundation Inc.

  4. leo

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    To answer your question as directly as possible, here are some affiliate networks that I've seen.

    - Commission Junction (probably more expensive than you want, but definitely the largest base of publishers- the people who would actually be putting your offer out into the world).

    That said, if money is a bigger obstacle at this point than time, you might try a different route. You could purchase a web tracking service like implement it yourself and reach directly to websites that you think would make sense to promote your offer. DirectTrack is accurate fairly simple, but there are other alternatives to it as well.

    Hope that helps.
  5. jacke

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    hi justin.
    .I was thinking about if your business is all about marketing through internet then i think its but obvious that you should go through some advertising sites on internet for that you will need to search for them.
    thank you
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    The best types of advertising options are those that help you reach the right audience and generate the required response. Here are 7 types of advertising medium you can do to improve your branding and increase sales.

    1. Display Ads

    2. Social Media Ads

    3. Search Native Advertising - There are several forms of Native Advertising

    · In-feed

    · Search Ads

    · Recommendation widgets

    · Promoted listings​

    4. Engine Marketing (SEM) – you can do PPC

    5. Remarketing/Retargeting

    6. Video Ads

    7. Email Marketing
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    Switch to social media marketing, get your business pages created and start promoting your business, there. This means of advertising is cost-effective yet result-oriented, you will get to know later.
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    Try digital marketing it will help you to get more customers and sales
  9. Andrew Browning

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    Online marketing
  10. cosmofilms17

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    In this age, online marketing is the best way to advertise your business. It helps you to get quick responses without any physical efforts
  11. Charles T

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    @cosmofilms17 and speaking of "without any physical efforts" - when done well, it also helps you get far more reach than physical advertising like flyers and billboards could ever hope to accomplish!
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  12. SamuelKennedy

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    Social Media Advertising & Affiliate Advertising are the best & most influential form of advertising that generates leads, attracts customers & boosts business growth.
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  13. Charles T

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    @SamuelKennedy I fully agree! Social Media Advertising is a growing avenue for lead gen and it's still pretty affordable & surprisingly underutilized, even now in 2020. And we, of course, are going to advocate for Affiliate Advertising - it's our bread & butter!

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