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Discussion in 'Bookkeeping & Taxes' started by Gene S, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Gene S

    Gene S New Member

    I have been named as the new Treasurer for the County Republican Party. The books are not good enough to be called abysmal. I need to pick a software program that will allow me to keep track of donations, fundraisers and disbursements and then be ready to file the legally required forms in a timely fashion.

    I also want to be able to present to the committee a full disclosure several times per year the treasurers report in a concise and accurate fasion.

    Who can recommend some programs to look over

    Gene S

  2. Reece

    Reece Member

    Hey Gene, I've been in contact with our bookkeeping expert and he'll have your answer as soon as he returns from vacation in a few days, or possibly sooner. Thanks for the post!

  3. Gene S

    Gene S New Member

    Great; time is of the essence as we make the change ASAP post Jan 1

  4. ChooseJim

    ChooseJim New Member

    Gene, I recommend Quickbooks Premier 2012. It does everything you need, and is standardized enough that it's easy to find people who know how to work with it, in case you need assistance. Premier, in particular, allows you to have your interface customized for non-profits.

    If you didn't want to spend as much, you could go with Quickbooks Pro as well, but it's just a watered-down version of Premier and lacks many helpful features; like being able to store unlimited bank reconciliations. Pro has the same essential features as Premier and is largely indistinguishable at first, but I've found that Premier is worth the price difference, which is why it's the one I use.

    Btw, if you click on the link below, hit the Order Now button, it'll take you to the Intuit site which allows you to download it immediately, so you can have it on time. If you have any other questions, just ask.


  5. Gene S

    Gene S New Member

    I was wondering if Quick Books for non-profits was what you had in mind?

  6. ChooseJim

    ChooseJim New Member

    Quickbooks Premier has many different versions within it, and you'll select which one you want when you install it. They're all basically the same, except it labels things differently and has a few different options depending upon which one you select.

    For example, the Retail Edition has Customers and keeps track of inventory, while the Professional Services Edition calls them Clients and is more focused on services. They also have different report templates focused on the kind of information you'd need. But they're all the same program and you can decide later on to change it if you preferred a different version. For myself, I use the General Business Edition, as it gives me more flexibility for what I do, but I could see why some people would prefer a specific version.

    According to Intuit's website, the non-profit version can create Form 990 to submit for tax purposes, though I've never done anything with non-profits and can't tell you how well it works. But again, if you buy the main Premier software it includes the non-profit edition. And that's a key advantage over QB Pro, as Pro doesn't have any of this customization. Hope that helps.

  7. Mark Hall

    Mark Hall New Member

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  8. Ady

    Ady New Member

    Hi Gene,

    I would recommend you to check out QuickBooks for Nonprofit as it would fit in all your requirements. The software is specially designed to track donations, invoices, financial statements, and other bookkeeping tasks.

    Some of the features that can assist you in your task include:

    - Create custom reports as per fundraisers events or programs
    - Automate data entry task
    - Integrate with up to 190 applications
    - Can scale up to 30 user licenses at a time
    - Contains Nonprofit Chart of Accounts

    I hope the above information would be of some help to you.
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