Can I block "junk" faxes??

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    Currently my fax modem is not working over Comcast digital cable phone lines. Normally I would get a lot of junk faxes and my phone number is listed on the no call site. My question is: will the 30 junk faxes per day count towards my monthly overage fee or is there a way to block them one at a time? Thank you, I would want to port my existing telephone line as it is on my letterhead and business cards.
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    Danielle,<br>For the majority of vendors, the 30 junk faxes per day would count as part of your monthly allotment. There are some vendors that have blocked/allowed phone call lists where your account isn't charged for blocked calls. If you're getting a lot of junk faxes from only one fax number, this would work well. However, if you receive junk faxes from lots of numbers, this might not work. There's also an allowed phone call list where you only allow faxes from certain numbers. This may work in your situation. The vendors that have blocked/allowed phone call lists and allowing porting your existing telephone line are as follows:<br><br>

    RingCentral - free to port<br>
    SRFax - $25 to port if they have service in area<br>
    FaxAge - $20 to port<br>
    FaxFreedom - $30 to port<br>
    eXtremeFax - free to port<br>
    jConnect - $40 to port in and then out, but to port a number out you must be a subscriber to their service for more than 3 months (Free to just port a number in)<br>
    Venali - free to port<br>
    UnityFax - $15 one-time fee for local numbers; $50 for toll free numbers; plus $1/month for both<br><br>

    One more thing to note. It's a little different with each provider as to how you block and allow phone numbers. With some providers like jConnect, you have to contact customer support to block a number where as with some providers like eXtremeFax, there's an actual place in the interface you navigate to where you add numbers to block and allow. I hope this answers your question.<br><br>

    Reece, <strong>ChooseWhat Staff</strong>
  3. Dturner11

    Dturner11 New Member also has a built-in Spam Blocker which automatically places any inbound faxes into a spam folder, assuming you have marked that respective inbound fax number as spam.

    In addition, their <a title="Email Fax" href="" target="_blank">Email Fax</a> service also ensures you don't receive repetitive inbound fax emails for faxes being delivered to the spam folder. Any faxes that are directed to the spam folder will remain on file in the account dashboard so that you can go through them and unmark any fax numbers that you no longer consider to be spam. Unfortunately junk faxes have been a problem since the invention of faxing, but having a built-in Spam Blocker on FaxitFast can definitely help save you time and money.
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    The issue of fax modems not working over digital phone lines (i.e. VoIP) is a very common one. The underlying reason is fairly complex, but the bottom line is that VoIP networks were designed to transport voice audio, not modem audio. The two are very different and the "tricks" uses to make voice work over an IP network actually make modems fail.

    This is one of the things we set out to fix at FaxLogic. We know that many companies want to keep their existing fax machines (there are lots of reasons, but the biggest may be that as long as there are paper documents that need to be shared, it's hard to beat the convenience of a fax machine). In any case, we support plain analog fax machines with our Internet Fax Adapter (a small device that connects the fax machine to your network), and give them all the capabilities and benefits of a dedicated fax server (but offered as a low-cost, cloud-based service). You loose the phone line (and the cost), keep your number, and keep faxing like you always have (with the added benefit of capturing all your faxes in our secure web-based portal, as well as getting fax-to-email, email-to-fax, web-to-fax, etc.) And if you like, you can configure inbound faxes to be delivered via web or email, using your fax machine only for sending faxes. It's an ideal "best of all worlds" solution, and works perfectly in environments like yours that have VoIP phone service.

    On the issue of junk fax blocking, frankly, it's tricky. Like some other providers, we will let you designate certain phone numbers (based on Caller ID, for example) to block or send to your spam folder. But the problem is that many junk-faxers use different Caller IDs over time, or worse, no Caller ID at all. And while you could block all "no Caller ID" faxes, this isn't practical because there are many "legitimate" senders that don't send Caller ID. And to make matters worse, some Internet Fax providers use a common set of numbers as their Caller ID, across all of their customers. So all in all, no practical solution will eliminate all of the junk fax you receive.

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