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Discussion in 'General Business' started by Steve, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Steve

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    Anyone have suggestions on how to handle my customer relationship mgmt?

    I run a sailing charter co. on Lake Travis in Austin, TX. (Think 2 or 3 hour sunset cruises with friends).

    Here is my typical customer interaction:

    1. Customer calls, emails or fills out form on website
    2. We start talking about price, scheduling, etc.
    3. If they don't immediately schedule a time we go back and forth trying to find a good time slot.
    4. This conversation is either in email or on the phone (therefore, handwritten notes)
    5. A day or two goes by and I forget who I am waiting to hear back from or who is waiting to hear from me.
    6. Additionally, I don't have a good system for periodic follow-up. I do have a weekly newsletter that I send to anyone who signs up for it, so at least I have that going. But don't have a good ad hoc way to send unique, messages or reminders to specific people.

    Obviously, I don't need a huge full-blown CRM solution, but I need better than my giant GMail inbox and bits of paper.




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  2. leo

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    Hey Steve- check out Hubspot. They have a good CRM that is free and will let you automatically load web signups into the system as contacts. Once you qualify them, you can create a Deal from the contact then custom setup the stages of your sales process. This is really useful to help you see who you need to follow up with.

    Only problem with Hubspot, is that if you need a capability outside of the free service, the price jumps to $50/ month. However, I'm thinking the free service will cover most, if not all, of your needs. Also, Hubspot has a great Gmail plugin that automatically loads your emails from Gmail to the appropriate contact/ deal.
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    Steve New Member

    Thanks, Leo! How have you been??
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    I'm great Steve! Hope SailATX is doing great!
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