Does a 6-line non-PBX phone exist?

Discussion in 'Phone & Fax for Business' started by ADF99, Aug 26, 2011.

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    I'm choking on the expense of what a PBX or VoIP PBX system is going to cost me on a monthly basis. I don't really need the bells and whistles. I just need to expand from 4 lines to 6 lines and increase the number of phones that can be connected past my current number, which is 8 handsets/phones plus a base for 17 people. I'm looking for a plain 6-line phone system that is expandable to more than 8 phones/cordless handsets that doesn't require a PBX system and can just work with my Verizon centrex package.

    Does the elusive 6-line phone exist?

  2. casey

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    Hi ADF99,

    If I understand your question correctly, you are currently receiving standard Verizon Centrex service from traditional landlines that go to your 'base' which is a central exchange, a device very similar to a private branch exchange. Verizon currently charges $25 per line per month and you currently have 4 lines, so I assume you're paying out $100 per month as your phone bill. I also imagine your Centrex base cost anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000 depending upon how you had it initially configured.

    If maintaining your current Verizon centrex package is a priority without buying a new base (which for practical purposes you should just think of as a PBX system), I recommend contacting the vendor that provided you with your original base and determining the cost to add expansion cabinets that allow the addition of more lines/handsets/phones. You are not going to be able to receive service from your current Verizon Centrex package if your lines do not have a central base to connect to.

    So the short answer to your question is no, a 6-line phone system that is expandable to more than 8 phones/cordless handsets that doesn't require a PBX system and can just work with your Verizon Centrex package does not exist.

    If adding an expansion cabinet is not prohibitively expensive, then you're in luck! You'll just have to purchase more of the same phones that are currently serving you, hook them up, and add two new lines with Verizon for $50 per month and you're good to go.

    On the other hand, if adding an expansion cabinet to your central exchange base is very expensive or not in fact possible, then you've still got comparatively priced options for your phone service. I would personally recommend a Business VoiP solution like RingCentral Office which would operate over your internet connection. RingCentral Office also charges $25 per line per month, so you wouldn't see your monthly bill increase. Most importantly, current Business VoiP service leaders require no base and adding a line is only as expensive as purchasing a new phone and paying an additional $25 per month. You are not constricted by the initial configuration of an expensive base and your service therefore grows seamlessly with your business.

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    It isn't clear what functionality you are looking for in that system. I assume you want to be able to transfer calls between extensions and at least have some basic PBX or key system functionality. You can probably still get old Centrex phone service from a local Telco but in all reality - Hosted PBX is a far better way to go. Business Hosted PBX prices had come down significantly. For example, <a>"DLS Hosted PBX"</a> is only charging $5-15 per extension. And to answer your question: I am sure you can still find a 6-line traditional pots phone some place. But... why ?


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