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    Dropbox is the most popular (and, in my opinion, the best) document sharing software on the market. That said, I still use Google Drive/ Apps when creating a spreadsheet or document that I know multiple people will be editing. Dropbox Badge, a new Dropbox for Business feature that will be rolled out to Dropbox Pro and Basic users over time, aims to change that. After reading about this feature, I still prefer Google Drive for collaboration, but this will be helpful in instances where I need to use Word or Excel instead of Google's online tools.

    If you're a Dropbox User, you may have noticed and icon when you open a Microsoft Document:

    Dropbox Badge adds functionality to this button that shows if someone else also has the document open. It will also tell you if the document on which you are about to work has unsaved edits, so you know to wait to begin editing until that person saves the changes. This is a nice step forward for collaboration, but it still doesn't give you the real-time updates that Google Drive provides.

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