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Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Alexgracias, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Alexgracias

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    Do I need to clean my email database for every email campaign? Or is it fine to clean it once a year? Looking for some tactical suggestion to keep bounce rates within the specified limits.
  2. Charles T

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    Hi @Alexgracias ,

    From what I've seen, you should remove unengaged subscribers from your email list at least a couple of times per year; but I don't think you need to do it after every campaign.

    Check out your email marketing statistics to examine what’s been happening over the last few email campaigns. Look into your unsubscribe and spam complaint rate. If more people than usual are unsubscribing or reporting your emails as spam, then that's a good indicator that a list cleanup is due.

    Take a look at email marketing benchmarks for your industry as well. Here's a great resource for small to medium businesses that was updated just last month:]

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the value added response charles.
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