Facebook in the office?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by silha, May 18, 2011.

  1. roxane

    roxane New Member

    Facebook is quite distracting so yes, I would block it. They can have the app on their phones and check it in their breaks. Seems only fair
  2. ShazS

    ShazS New Member

    I agree Facebook and Whatsapp should be banned in office time but not blocked. Employees should be able to enjoy the on there breaks and free time.
  3. Andrew Browning

    Andrew Browning New Member

    If it will be used for work, then why not
  4. James Greenwood

    James Greenwood New Member

    Yes, they should not be used during working hours, but you can't blame them to be distractive. The world is connected to each other through Facebook only.
  5. cosmofilms17

    cosmofilms17 New Member

    I don't think so you need to do that if you are getting a desirable output from your employees. If still, you want to do that then you can block facebook on your internet servers.
  6. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    I agree with @cosmofilms17 in that you first need to reasonably evaluate if your employees' use of Facebook is a problem to their overall output or not.

    In some cases, it may just be an individual or two that are on it excessively, and in those cases the issue should be brought up with them 1-on-1.

    Another thing to consider - if you see your employees killing time with Facebook or any other distractions excessively, then this is probably a good indicator that they're being under-utilized. Come up with additional tasks that will ideally enhance both the company's bottom line and their engagement (and maybe even compensation) with their position.
  7. If you block it from your ip then they might use their mobile for Facebook. Just deal with your productivity, not their personal life. If they are not performing good then simply fire them. You will find the best suitable ones.
  8. Thoma Patel

    Thoma Patel New Member

    Instead of blocking social media platforms, you can install employee screening software at workplace. This well let you to track overall activities of your employees including access to forbidden sites, use of social media and avoid goldbricking.
  9. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    @Thoma Patel Good advice on the employee screening software. I had to look up what "goldbricking" was (never heard that term before) and found this on Wikipedia:

    Goldbricking is the practice of doing less work than one is able to, while maintaining the appearance of working. The term originates from the confidence trick of applying a gold coating to a brick of worthless metal—while the worker may appear industrious on the surface, in reality they are less valuable.

    I think that we've all experienced these these people in the 9-5 office environment, haha
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