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  1. Willzyx24

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    I need assistance finding an inexpensive fax service that will enable us to transmit PRIVATE/PERSONAL/FINANCIAL/HEALTH records through our office. I believe the proper term is HIPAA Compliant. We deal with highly confidential info daily and must be able to insure our patient’s privacy.

    We need the services offered by eXtreme Fax; however, the agent I spoke with, said they were not HIPAA Compliant? Is this true? Can you find me a fax service that share those same attributes?(Free 30 day trial, bout 7-8$ per month, at least 300... prefer 500-700 pages per month, great customer service, unlimited storage, and less than .10cents on overages).

    Also I would like to use the free trial prior to giving our our private financial info... I am very distrusting!! As I mentioned before, I do not like to do business via internet. I have already had my identity stolen once, while doing business via the net.<br>
  2. Koby

    Koby New Member

    Hi Will,

    According to our research database, the following vendors are HIPAA compliant:

    <li> MyFax - Read our MyFax review | Go to MyFax</li>
    <li> TrustFax - Read our TrustFax review | Go to TrustFax</li>
    <li> RapidFax - Read our RapidFax review | Go to RapidFax</li>
    <li> eFax - Read our eFax review | Go to eFax</li>
    <li> Nextiva - Read our Nextiva review | Go to Nextiva</li>
    <li> SRFax - Read our SRFax review | Go to SRFax</li>
    <li> FaxAge - Read our FaxAge review | Go to FaxAge</li>
    <li> SmartFax - Read our SmartFax review | Go to SmartFax</li>
    <li> FaxFreedom - Read our FaxFreedom review | Go to FaxFreedom</li>
    <li> Send2Fax - Read our Send2Fax review | Go to Send2Fax</li>
    <li> AirComUSA - Read our AirComUSA review | Go to AirComUSA</li>
    <li> GreenFax - Read our GreenFax review | Go to GreenFax</li>
    <li> UnityFax - Read our UnityFax review | Go to UnityFax</li>
    Unfortunately, eXtremeFax is not HIPAA compliant. Given the attributes you want, Nextiva seems to fit your needs the best. It's pretty comparable to eXtremeFax. Nextiva offers a 30-day free trial, is $8.95 per month (or $4.95 per month if paid annually), 500 total combined pages per month, good customer service, 3 cents overage pages, but only 6 months storage. It's pretty much industry norm to have to give out credit card information to receive a free trial of an online fax service. Nextiva has an A- BBB rating: http://www.bbb.org/central-northern-western-arizona/business-reviews/telecommunications-equipment-disability/nextiva-inc-in-scottsdale-az-97030201/ Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Willzyx24

    Willzyx24 New Member

    Nextiva does look like a viable option, thanks for all the info!
  4. Dturner11

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    Another great email fax service worth checking out is FaxitFast.com. Their Fax by Email service is also HIPAA Compliant and includes many of the attributes you are looking for in an online fax company. They have a 30 day risk-free trial on their Fax 250 plan and their prices after the free trial are as low as $5.83/mo.

    In addition, they have monthly fax plans that offer as much as 3000 inbound / outbound faxes with free online fax storage, fast customer serivce, spam blocker, and a number of other great features. In addition, FaxitFast doesn't charge customers for extra minutes connected to the fax server, but only charges for the actual number of pages being sent / received which makes their billing system pretty straight forward.
  5. FaxLogic

    FaxLogic New Member

    Be careful with the idea of "HIPAA Compliant Fax". The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS, the organization behind HIPAA) does not certify any technology as being "HIPAA compliant". It's up to the organization that is affected by HIPAA to be "compliant" by choosing technologies and operational practices that all it to do so.

    That said, when it comes to any Internet fax service, there is a lot of misinformation out there about HIPAA compliance:
    1) Any service that uses email to send or deliver faxes is most likely not HIPAA compliant. That's because unencrypted email is not HIPAA compliant. There are several ways to solve this, but few providers offer any of these solutions "out of the box". One simple solution is to only use a web portal or client software over an encrypted connection (of sufficient strength) to send or receive faxes. Some providers offer this, but you must make use of the feature (i.e. rather than using "clear text" email).
    2) Further on the point of email, if faxes containing HIPAA-governed content gets stored in your email, then your email system (or provider) must maintain proper security as well.
    3) Another key point is how faxes are stored on the provider's servers, whether they are only stored temporarily or stored for long-term archival. Are these files encrypted, and how are they encrypted? Who has access to these files? What security and business process policies are in place? This is much harder to determine, as it's not typically something the provider will include in enough detail on their website. You need to ask.
    4) Is your provider willing to sign an HHS Business Associate Contract? If not, you can't really be sure they they will maintain the necessary security and business practices necessary for you to main HIPAA compliance.

    You can learn more about HIPAA here: http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/index.html

    FaxLogic is one provider that meets the requirements necessary for you to be HIPAA compliant, and will enter into a Business Associate Contract with you. Learn more about FaxLogic here: http://www.faxlogic.com


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