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Discussion in 'Phone & Fax for Business' started by CameronJ, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. CameronJ

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    How can I fax a paper documents? I have an all-in-one (HP 7200). Do I scan the docs into my computer (as a PDF) and then "fax" that document? How would online faxing differ from email (where I would attach the scanned document). My other challenge is that my scanner tends to use about 1mb per page as a PDF (yes - even for 100 DPI). I have to call HP on that too but my basic questions above still pertain.
  2. Reece

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    Thanks for the question, Cameron. Yes, you scan the documents into your computer and then fax the document. Online faxing is really similar to email; however, some companies only accept faxes for certain transactions which is the reason online fax services exist. Please let me know if you have any other questions.<br><br>

    Thanks again,<br> Reece, ChooseWhat Staff
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    Sending paper documents is one area that online faxing fall short. Yes, you can use your scanner software to scan a document to your local hard disk as a PDF file, and then attach this file to your email-to-fax message, or with some providers, upload it to and fax it from the web. FaxLogic supports this method, too.

    But support for conventional analog fax machines, multi-function devices, and network scanners, as a one-step way of scanning, sending, and archiving a paper document is one of our strengths. Of course FaxLogic supports fax-to-email, email-to-fax, and web-to-fax, too. We also give you the ability to scan paper documents (from a fax machine or scanner) direclty into your online account and then fax or email them from there.

    Note that with FaxLogic, your analog fax still works as it always has, but instead of connecting to an analog phone line, you use our Internet Fax Adapter, a small, low-cost device that connects between the fax machine and your network jack. You have no phone line (nor the cost), but you keep the convenience of one-step paper faxing, plus the added benefit of online faxing and long-term fax archiving.

    By the way, on certain models of multi-function machines (like the Brother MFC-9840CDW) and most network scanners (i.e. scanners with an Ethernet port), we support them directly for one-step faxing and scanning, without the need for an adapter.


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