Free extensions and Add Ons for Gmail & G Suite (Google Apps)

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    For those that use Gmail or G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) and the Chrome browser, check out these free apps to get the most out of your email account.

    1. Boomerang: Schedule emails to be sent at a specific time and date. With this Chrome plugin, you can also schedule a reminder email to be sent, if you haven't heard back in a certain number of days.
    2. Todoist: This plugin lets you convert emails into tasks, set task priorities, and sync tasks across numerous platforms.
    3. UnrollMe: UnrollMe identifies all newsletters or mass emails from companies and allows you to put them into a single email that you'll receive once daily, summarizing the entire collection, or you can simply use the tool to unsubscribe from the email altogether.
    4. Gmail Offline: This extension allows you to use Gmail even when you don’t have an Internet connection. Read and respond to email offline. When you connect again, the composed emails are sent off.
    5. Minimalist for Everything: Make Gmail less cluttered and recover valuable content space with this Google Chrome plugin by eliminating Google’s navigation bar to make it much simpler to use.
    6. This Google Chrome extension simplifies scheduling by monitoring your availability, detecting and converting varying time zones to eliminate confusion, and sending out notifications to both you and your recipient when a meeting is created, changed or cancelled.
    7. Checker Plus: This Google Chrome plugin allows you to get desktop notifications and go through emails much like the very familiar desktop software Outlook. Its ability to seamlessly support multiple accounts and easily customizable settings make it one of Chrome’s highest-rated extensions.
    8. SecureGmail: This extension allows you to easily encrypt and decrypt emails you send in Gmail, so no one but your intended recipient can read it.
    9. SideKick by Hubspot: With this extension, never again worry about whether your email was received. It allows you to see when, where, and how many times the recipient opened your email.
    10. Gmelius: This extension offers many of what other extensions offer, but condensed into one. It helps protect privacy by detecting and blocking tracking attempts and making unsubscribing from mass newsletters easy. It also boosts productivity by scheduling email, turning emails to tasks, and allowing the creation of email templates. All of this can be accessed through the settings button within your Gmail inbox once it is downloaded.
    11. Yet Another Mail Merge: This add on works through Google Sheets and Gmail to easily send very natural looking, customized emails to large groups of recipients directly from your email account. It also tracks and reports opens and bounces.

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