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  1. SpencerS

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    I'm a sole proprietor, but I have a few contractors, several clients an office and the usual business expenses that I put exclusively on my business credit card and the company bank account. I want to be be able to send invoices to customers, but I also want to be able to see the performance and financial health of my business (eg P&L reports, balance sheet showing liabilities, etc).

    Based on that information, which makes more sense for me, Freshbooks or QuickBooks Online? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ady

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    Hi Spencer,

    As per your situation, I think QuickBooks would fit your requirements. It is an affordable accounting application that can help you create custom invoices and send them to clients in multiple batches at a time.

    Also, you have access to customizable reports and dashboards to have real-time access to the business' performance metrics and financial health.

    I hope my answer would be of some help to you.
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