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    Decide to start a business, carry out that project that for years had been thinking and even, for which, had already planned a basis to start. Undertaking a business is not advisable for cardiac patients. On more than one occasion it is necessary to invest more than money, as, dream, health, and part of social life can be affected as well. Here we present the best advice for those who are starting their business and who facilitate the beginnings of a project.
    Tips for entrepreneurs
    1. The main objective to start a business should not be monetary, although a priori it sounds like this. One does not earn money at first. It can take years to get benefits. It is necessary to know what company you want to create, in what business you are specialized and future projections. Many are the entrepreneurs who create their idea while unemployed and, out of a kind of desperation, want to draw their plan. This, in a high percentage, leads to disaster.
    2. In the long term, and once the pillars of the business are in place and they are starting to start, the entrepreneurs easily deviate from the main objective of their project. Selling would be the goal of a company and that this sale has the essential quality principles and a good after-sales service. The rest of the activities in the company, such as accounting and taxation. It is important that the entrepreneur knows and supervises such activities, but that these are outsourced services.
    The use of management software platforms to efficiently carry out the accounting and taxation of a company are extremely necessary and a great help for a business to achieve better positions among its competitors. The entrepreneur simply focuses on the main activity of the company and with the help of this management software, the economy and the financial part of the business will not be an extra concern. They are platforms that currently have a large clientele, very specialized, technical and with years of good operation.
    3. Having studied the market carefully and doing the business plan is something that one is going to have during the entire period of business activity. You have to know where the revenues are going to come from, and in what sector the sale will focus. This is work that the entrepreneur must have done in advance to set up his company, having made a good business plan, a market study, and talking to his potential customers. Information is power.
    4. Feet on the earth, always. Entrepreneurs have common characteristics among them, such as ambition, initiative, creativity, and passion, among others. But along the way, the mind can also fly and get to aspire for large amounts of money, success, and global leadership. You should not exaggerate in the business plan. This has to be practical and sensible, adapting to reality and that in the case of needing investors, that business plan is something that they want to buy. That the company gets investors with a realistic business plan.
    5. You should not leave the current job, the one that is generating a payroll. You can maintain and combine work with the creation of a company until it starts. This requires an important effort, but in the case of liquidity problems or credit needs, the payroll is what works as a guarantee.
    6. The competition is key to a business. From the creation of a company, until it starts up and during the period of operation, there will always be competition. Thousands of companies that will offer the same services, to sell the most similar products and with similar strategies. You are never alone in the market.
    7. Determine all the costs that are going to generate in a business is key to the operation. These costs come from the fixed costs of a place and a business, something that is inevitable in itself, and variable costs, where they would enter salaries and personnel, the budgets of the suppliers, costs in the matters, remuneration packages ... Manage all this It can be chaotic, However, a more efficient solution is to help with management software that also organizes these issues. It is not necessary to hire anyone for this, with this type of platform it is possible to know the real needs.
    8. Word of mouth and the use of social networks as techniques to promote a brand, product or service. And in this section, there is nothing new to indicate, because nothing works as well as the opinions, references, and publications in the social media of clients, friends, and family about the business. It is a way to get known in many parts of the world and reach a large number of potential customers.
    Creating your own business nowadays is complicated, but not impossible. The perseverance, the research, the enthusiasm and the effort will be the best allies in this way. And you will always find the necessary help with management software.
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    Interesting point in #1 on those who create their idea while unemployed, out of of desperation. Some people might need this impetus to really devote substantial time and urgency to the idea - but I think you make a good point that doing it for strictly monetary reasons (due to the length of time it takes to properly form and start doing business) is ill advised.

    I also like your point in #6 - you are never alone in the market. There will often be others who are already doing something similar, or will be soon.

    Thanks for your post, @the ceo

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