Help! My message is stuck in my Outlook outbox!

Discussion in 'General Business' started by april, Jan 18, 2010.

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    <em>I was trying to send an <a href="" target="_blank" title="Email Newsletters & Email Marketing Campaigns">email newsletter</a> to my clients with Microsoft Outlook and it got stuck in my outbox. When I tried to delete it, I kept getting and error message that said "Outlook has already started tranmitting the message." Now it's pestering me every time I open Outlook and I can't seem to delete it for the life of me. Can anyone help?</em>
    <div class="post">Emails can get stuck in your outbox for several reasons, but most commonly it is because your message is carrying an attachment that is too large to transmit through Outlook. Outlook can only send attachments that are less than 8MB.
    If you have an email stuck in your Outlook outbox and you can't re-open it, try this:
    1. Go to the <em>FILE</em> menu, then choose <em>WORK OFFLINE</em><br> 2. Switch to your Outbox<br> 3. You can either right click on the message and <em>DELETE</em> it, or you can drag and drop the message into your <em>DRAFTS</em> folder where you can slim down the attachment and try again.<br> 4. If you still receive an error message that states "Outlook has already started transmitting the message," then you will need to close and re-open Outlook. Sometimes Outlook doesn't exit quickly. If that happens, press CTRL + ALT + DEL and find outlook.exe in your task manager and click "End Process." Repeat steps 1-3 when you re-open Outlook.
    I've had this problem several times, and this has worked everytime. I hope it works for you! Good Luck!
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    The reason why message is stuck in the outbox:
    Reason 1 – Recent Password Change
    Reason 2 – Message is Too Large

    Clearing an Item From Outbox
    Exit out of Outlook or go to the “Send / Receive” tab and select “Work Offline“.
    Select “Start“, then search for “Outbox” in the Start Search area.
    The item(s) in the Outbox should appear in the search. If you want to view and copy the contents of the email before deleting it from the Outbox, you can open it from here. You can also delete it by right-clicking it and selecting “Delete“. It will finally remove the item from your Outbox.
    Now go back under “Send /Receive” and select “Work Offline” again and resume your work day. The message should no longer be stuck in the Outbox in Outlook.

    If still your problem not solved then you can contact technician at 1-800-986-4764.

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    check your message size bro that is the main reason for this

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