how automation improves the productivity of the sales team?

Discussion in 'Business Software' started by the ceo, May 21, 2019.

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    For the sales team, it must be paramount to dedicate most of their time to sell and simplify other activities that go hand in hand with the commercial process. Undoubtedly, automation is a great help to increase the productivity of the representatives, because it reduces the time they invest in other tasks such as finding the contact details of their prospects, making sales projections, preparing sales reports, among others.
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    Great point for maximizing sales. And I'd add that anything to support them which cannot be automated might be best rolled into another/new role that facilitates them all (rather than just leaving with them each to handle individually).
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    Automation Software track, monitor & record every single activity of employees and keep that record in a database to analyze employee productivity.
    EMPMonitor is one of the best monitoring & tracking software.
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