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Discussion in 'Website Development & Online Marketing' started by leo, Feb 8, 2016.

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    I've been battling with spammers on this forum for years, but I just did something that dropped my spam forum accounts by 95% overnight. Hopefully most people already do this, and I'm just a moron for taking this long to figure it out. However, if someone else is having a hard time blocking forum spam, my suggestion is this:

    • Go into your forum software and find the section that allows you to ban certain email addresses from signing up.
    • Look to see if you have a "wildcard" option that you can use to block groups of email addresses (for example, if * is your wildcard, blocking * would block anyone from signing up with a Gmail account).
    • Block the following email addresses (I've used * as my wildcard- replace * with whatever character your forum software uses as a wildcard):
    You'll still get some spam accounts and find additional email addresses to ban, but blocking this list will make a huge dent in your spam flow.

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