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    There are many questions and doubts that arise when an entrepreneur decides to have an Internet presence. Of course, the first thing you think is: 'I need a web page'. But how to make a popular website? What does a website have to be successful?
    We will give a very concise answer to this question. We will support 5 factors as the main pillars of a good website.
    5 Factors For A Successful Website


    We place it in the first place, since on the internet as it is popularly known, 'if you do not appear you do not exist'. And today, the existence happens to appear in the top positions of Google. While it is impossible to have the entire project in the top positions, at least we have to have some pages.
    So it is important to find a developer that programs from the structure thinking about SEO positioning. This is how efforts and costs will be saved in the future.
    As a basis for web positioning, we must be very clear that the first thing that has to give an optimal response is web hosting or hosting.
    Responsive Web Design (RWD)
    Just as you look for presence in Google results, it is desirable to reach the maximum audience. More and more Internet users use different mobile devices.
    An optimized web design must respond to the demands of each device in addition to evolving the adaptation to future demands.
    It is very important to choose a system that facilitates the evolution as technology advances.
    As in SEO, it is recommended that both developer and designer have extensive knowledge inaccessibility. Just as we want to have a presence in search engines and that our website is shown on mobile devices, it is essential to reach the entire public and that is where we have to pay attention to accessibility.
    The usability has to be taken into account as part of the experience that the user will have when visiting a web page.
    It has to facilitate navigation, fast loading times, get the information quickly, for which the depth of navigation has to be very small.
    Here, too, content plays a very important role, just as in SEO, it has to be simple and practical.
    Of course, as much as it complies with the above requirements, a website has to be attractive. As our motto says: ' designs that attract ', a website built with taste and elegance will report optimal viewing times.
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    I agree, I think having a good seo is crucial in having your business visible.

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