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    Human Resource software, known as HR Software or HR Management System (HRMS), is an advanced solution that integrates human resource management and allows organizations to maintain the records and details of employees. HR applications can incorporate recruitment, on-boarding, employee management, time scheduling and management, payroll processes, and strategic management of human resources.
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    HRMS software can improve efficiencies in a wide range of organizations. It is designed to assist many SMBs to Enterprises in resolving common issues they encounter when dealing with processes and data, particularly those relating to employees as human resources. HRMS software includes all of the features listed below, which meet all of your organization's needs while also improving the reliability of your work and ensuring your organization's reputation.

    Employee Management

    Leave Management

    Employee offboarding

    Recruitment management & onboarding

    Learning & Development

    Payroll Management

    Performance Management

    Time & attendance
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