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Discussion in 'Business Software' started by SpencerS, May 9, 2017.

  1. SpencerS

    SpencerS New Member

    My team (3 of us) is currently using the free version of Hub Spot CRM/ Sales. The tool is really useful, but I'm starting to bump up against the limits of the free version- specifically the templates. Unfortunately, if we want to upgrade, we go from free to to $50/ month/ user ($150/ month). That's a pretty big jump. Anyone have suggestions or alternatives?
  2. James Cole

    James Cole New Member

    I have no idea about it buddy.
  3. SpencerS

    SpencerS New Member

    Thanks James. Posted that a while ago. As an update, we stuck with Hubspot, but were able to negotiate a better rate for a while. However, we wound up getting really hooked on the service and eventually wound up paying significantly more for the Marketing+Sales plan- though we got it for a better rate than publicly advertised. They are a fairly young platform, so they seem to be willing to be flexible on price.
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  4. roxane

    roxane New Member

    That's good if you found something that really helps your business. You may pay more but hopefully you'll get it back.
  5. the ceo

    the ceo Member

    give me your exact requirements then I can help you.

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