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    I am into my family business. We have a handicrafts shop, and we are in this industry from many years. But, lately, the sales have been dripping, mainly because there are too many shops nearby, and people can’t recognise our store. So, I have been thinking of ways to promote our business. But, I have come up with the idea of using good sign boards outside the shop, and in other places as well. When I searched online to know more about this, and I have found that LED sign boards can be used in front of our store, and it will help the customers in identifying our shop, and thus sales will increase. I want to know other methods by which, I can promote our business using easy, and not so costly methods. Looking forward to your suggestions.
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    Hey Rollando!

    That's probably some of it. I might add another layer: people browsing around also might not be near as likely to be your best prospects because, well, they're just browsing—like they don't have a lot of 'purpose' or 'draw' to come in.

    But a good sign can't hurt (but man! Can be really expensive! So that might be a good Phase 3 or 4…).

    Tell me a little more about your products you sell!

    Think of your BEST customer! He? She? What would they say?

    For instance, how would THEY finish this sentence, "Oh my gosh, I LOVE Rollando's shop! You can try to find another place but I keep coming back to Rollando's because _______________ !"

    Hit that first question and I think I can help you nail down this second one. ;)

    (seriously, it's super important to nail that first question)
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