Is merchant account a better alternative to PayPal?

Discussion in 'Credit Card Processing' started by Pamiii7, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Pamiii7

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    I would like to know what the best alternatives to payment processing for online payments.
    I heard that a merchant account is more reliable and less costly. I read online that an international merchant account will let you smooth online payments from around the world. Also, they support every all common credit cards.
    I would appreciate your suggestion on using the international merchant account. Please advise.
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    We can help you to get the best processing solution for High-Risk Business and low risk business. Paycron offering CC & Echeck Processing Solution for your businesses.Boarding platform will require a five-minute application and we generally can have your operators set up with a virtual POS terminal to conduct transactions within one day. Transactions are settled, and electronic check sent to you within five minutes. If you have any questions call 1-800-982-1372 or email at
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    I personally would prefer merchant's account, this makes you know they are real at least, Pay pal doesn't really do that for me.
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    Online businesses / e-commerce businesses should own a merchant account to boost sales and increase funds.
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