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Discussion in 'Phone & Fax for Business' started by Jason79, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Jason79

    Jason79 New Member

    I'm in charge with a small business and basically we're the new kids on the block hoping to survive in this dog eat dog world :)
    We signed up with <strong>Onesuite</strong> originally for its dial-around service for calling long distance and overseas but they added a forwarding service and we tried using it as well. So I subscribed to its forwarding service and choose an <strong><a href="http://800-numbers.choosewhat.com/" title="800 number reviews">800 number</a> </strong>as my forwarding number where anyone can call the <a href="http://800-numbers.choosewhat.com/" title="800 number reviews"><strong>800 number</strong></a> and I will get on my phone. I can choose to forward it to any phone (landline, mobile or even VoIP numbers)
    Some of the features I like:
    1. Low monthly rate of $2.95
    2. Pay as you go
    3. 24/7 phone and email support
    So far I'm satisfied with <strong>Onesuite</strong> and I like to share my experience with you guys.
    What's yours?
  2. Koby

    Koby New Member

    Thanks for sharing your experience with OneSuite. In the past, OneSuite's customer service hasn't been the friendliest towards us but in our most recent test of their service, their customer support was improved. The feedback we've received about OneSuite has usually been negative. It's nice to see that OneSuite's working well for you. Care to share what your small business does?
  3. Jason79

    Jason79 New Member

    Sorry for my late reply. I was out on a little vacation. Our small business deals with office equipments and furnitures from chairs to office tables to partitions. Sending out and receiving proposal through fax cheaply is a plus as it save us money to be use on other important things. In this age of internet and everything, fax is still prefered by others. Onesuite so far on our experience delivers what they've promised on their website, cheap but reliable service.
    Having said that, if something better comes along, I will not hesitate to try and maybe switch if I can get the same service at a cheaper price.

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