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    Considering that so many of the FREE options for receiving online faxes have ended (you can still get 10 free pages/ month with eFax's free plan, but spam faxes will likely consume that), I was suprised to see K7.net. Unfortunately, you still get what you pay for with these guys. I found this forum discussing issues with faxes (with social security numbers and other personal info) being sent to the wrong recipients. Even if you don't need to receive many faxes, the possibility of this happening should probably be enough to keep you away.

    Here is a link to the forum discussion: VirtualAssistantForums: k7.net
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    Nowadays people don't much use fax communication. But in earlier years there was a huge demand of using fax in order to send or receive documents from others. I have used fax for free on CocoFax. It was really enjoyable and helped me receive and send the documents.
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    Yeah, you are right OP. Many people are not using fax services right now. But I see still a few old companies using fax service for themselves. I have heard a little bit about cocofax in the past. But I would like to suggest you to send a fax for free google visit googlefaxfree.com/. Googlefaxfree is a popular fax guide website among users. It will ensure you send a fax at no cost with google effectively. All the best!
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