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    I've used LastPass both personally and professionally for several years, and I've referred it to many friends over the years. I used LogMeIn's free remote access service for years as well, but I stopped using the service at the beginning of 2014 (I use TeamViewer now as a substitute). I'm curious to see how this plays out in the medium term. LastPass offers a very powerful free service and their Enterprise service is extremely inexpensive. I'm a little concerned that LogMeIn is on a revenue hunt, so they may start trying to squeeze more profit out of their shiny, new acquisition.

    On the other hand, they may just see the synergy, because LogMeIn is really popular among IT Professionals, and those professionals are often the people who are recommending that their clients increase their online security by using more complex, varied passwords and managing them using a password manager like LastPass. If that is the case, then LogMeIn will be able to generate plenty of new revenue and profit from LastPass by simple cross-selling rather than raising prices.

    I'm hoping for the latter. If anyone sees any changes in their LastPass or LogMeIn account as this acquisition is implemented, please let us know!
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    LastPass 4.0 update

    LastPass just announced the release of LastPass 4.0. The update includes:
    • Updated interface design
    • Emergency Access- Designate family member or close friend with a LastPass account to be able to access your passwords in case of emergency
    • Improved password sharing management
    • The ability to toggle back to 3.0 (if you don't like 4.0)

    Love to hear anyone's thoughts on 4.0. I'll be posting a full review in the coming days.

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