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Discussion in 'General Business' started by Anto Geller, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. Anto Geller

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    Hi all, I'm looking for some suggestions. Is anyone here familiar with any virtual HR firms? I run a small business with 20 employees and I'm looking for an HR firm that can help my organization with Expert HR Advice. While searching online, I came to know about Fractional HR. Does anyone know them? Please share your feedback. Thank you.
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  2. Charles T

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    Hi @Anto Geller, there are several HR options out there - Gusto, Bambee, and GNA Services are some that come to mind.

    And while I'm not familiar with Fractional HR, I'd be curious to hear what you've found!
  3. Arthur Smith

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    What did you choose in the end?
    I'm not personally familiar with Fractional HR, but from my experience, it's always helpful to consider referrals and reviews when choosing HR firms.
    Don't forget the importance of technology in managing HR tasks. For instance, this productivity tracking tool from EmpMonitor can complement the services of an HR firm, especially for tracking the productivity of your employees. It provides valuable data when setting performance benchmarks and making decisions to boost effectiveness.
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