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Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Aanchal Desai, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. Aanchal Desai

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    My company has recently started a blog, but we are struggling to gain any attention on social media. Does anyone have any tips on how we can make our blog more popular? Since we are a start-up, our ad budget is very limited, so organic growth tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    @Aanchal Desai Great topic! Gaining attention on social media only goes so far - to convert people to real, regular blog readers, you need to first work on curating your content. Below are some tips that help ensure that the makeup of your blog is worthy of & capable of retained social media attention.

    1. Have a conversation
    People don’t like to be lectured or talked down to. They just like to talk. And a blog is really a form of conversation between you and your readers. Even if people don’t always directly communicate with you or leave comments, the tone of your posts should be more or less conversational.
    Don’t write like you’re delivering a sermon. Write like you’re chatting with a friend. Keep it easy and informal.

    2. Lighten up
    You don’t have to tell jokes, but it’s smart to keep things light-hearted. Consider the Men with Pens blog. James always has a lot of fun when writing a post, and her sense of humor makes the information more readable and entertaining.
    Your readers are probably having a tough day. Their desk is groaning under the weight of all their projects. The economy is crappy and their life is full of responsibility.
    If they read your blog and come away feeling just a little happier, they’ll keep coming back.

    3. Be yourself
    After all, people are not coming to your blog just to acquire knowledge. They’re dropping by to visit you.
    Which means you have to be there.
    That means revealing a little about yourself, sharing the occasional personal photo, posting videos where you talk to your readers, letting people know what’s going on with you.

    4. Be nice
    Yes, your mom was right. You have to be nice.
    Don’t be a diva. Answer your emails. Respond to comments. Be polite even when a reader makes the occasional stupid remark or a troll flames you for no good reason.
    The people who are rude to you are having a bad day, or a bad life, and they want to share their frustration and anger with you. But it’s their problem, not yours. They want to provoke you. Don’t let them.
    If anyone gets out of control on your blog, don’t bicker about it. Just delete the comment and move on.

    5. Get over yourself
    When you think about it, blogs are really kind of egotistical. You have to think pretty highly of yourself to assume other people want to hear what you have to say day after day.
    There’s nothing wrong with a healthy ego, but your blog really isn’t about you. It’s about your readers.
    It may seem counterintuitive, but the more you cater to your readers needs, the more popular and profitable your blog can become. The more you give, the more you get. The world is full of self-centered and stingy bloggers. Don’t be one of them.
    (I realize this might seem to contradict #3. There’s a delicate balance there. You want to share enough of yourself to make a connection, but still keep your focus on your audience.)

    6. Help people
    Isn’t this the whole point of a blog, especially one that’s wildly popular?
    Again, think about the people in your personal life. You probably know that one person who is always willing to help, no matter what you need.
    Why do you keep going back to that person? Because you know they’ll say “yes” when most others will say no. Helpful people are popular people.

    7. Stop trying so hard
    Yes, you need to work at your blog. You should write good posts. You should offer solid information. You might even put in long hours.
    But don’t push too hard. Relax. Enjoy it. Make it part of your life. If you’re desperate for success, that desperation will show.

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