Monitoring Search Rankings in Different Locations

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    Question of the Day:

    <blockquote>Is there a way to monitor search engine rankings in different countries? cities?

  2. Amber

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    There are a few different free tools that will monitor your search engine rankings in different countries as well as specific cities. Here is a list of highly recommended tools:
    1. GeoRanker is a great tool that will let you pull live search engine result page (SERP) reports from over 150 countries and 2000 cities. Free & Paid:
    2. Linkdex Geo-Rankings - Free & Paid:
    3. SEOMoz Rank Tracker - Free & Paid:

    Also, if you are using RankTracker or Advanced Web Ranking, here are links on how to implement geo-location tracking through these services:
    - Rank Tracker -
    - Advanced Web Ranking -

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    I find Linkdex to be incredibly easy for searching based on country.
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    Thanks for sharing this information.
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