Mozy drops their unlimited backup plans

Discussion in 'Data Backup & Secruity' started by Koby, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Lifehacker, a popular website on improving one's productivity, came out with news on 1/31/11 that Mozy is dropping their unlimited backup plans. Based on the comments of people on their post, it seems like lots of people are going to take their services elsewhere as Mozy is now quite expensive to backup lots of storage. For example, a user who was paying $5/month will now have to $20/month to backup the same amount of information based on Mozy's new pricing structure. People think other online backup services have an opportunity to take advantage of Mozy's "misstep". Will be interesting to see what pans out in the near future.
    Read the full Lifehacker post here:

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