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Discussion in 'General Business' started by leo, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. leo

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    I noticed today that we haven't mentioned Mturk anywhere on our site, but we've actually used it ourselves quite a bit. Mturk (owned by is basically a marketplace for tasks. People who want to make a little money in their spare time use it to find tasks that people will pay them to complete, and people that have lots of tasks that they need completed use it to find people willing to do the work for a fair (usually really cheap) price.

    As a business owner (or anyone wanting to get help with small tasks), you'll go to this page: to set up an account. The tool is fairly intuitive, but here are a couple examples of things we've used Mturk for:

    -Getting feedback on elements of a new site design
    -Completing simple research projects with clear questions to be answered (need to be really clear about what they are supposed to do)

    I think we paid less than a $1 per task that we assigned and we've had good experiences.

    Would love to hear about others experiences and ways that they've used Mturk.

  2. emiliehudson

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    Do you only pay for the task if you are satisfied with the results, or do you pay for the tasks up front?
  3. Steve

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    @leo I see the discussion is old, but wanted to say I'm thinking of using MTurk to test our new landing page:

    I heard about it on an awesome podcast I follow (Small Business Big Marketing) by a marketing guy in Australia.

    The page is only a draft, so looking for feedback.

    I'll let you know how it goes.

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  4. leo

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    Very cool Steve. I haven't use it in a while, but did have great success with it in the past. Please let me know how it goes!

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