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  1. Jessica_C

    Jessica_C New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone had some personal experience with either MyFax or <strong>eFax online fax </strong>service. I've heard a lot about eFax, but it seems like they get poor reviews everywhere I look. What's the REAL deal with eFax?
  2. Reece

    Reece Member

    [Updated March 17, 2013]

    If you are looking to compare MyFax vs eFax as well as 4 other well known fax companies, take a look at our comparison grid: Online-Fax.ChooseWhat.

    eFax is the biggest online fax company in terms of people who subscribe to their service. They also allow you to port your existing fax number into their service for free (unlike MyFax who charges $10-20 for this). They also offer true (800) number toll-free fax numbers, unlike MyFax who only has 866, 877, and 888 area codes. In our tests, eFax's customer service answered all of our questions accurately. That said, bad customer service reps may exist, since eFax outsources their customer service. Because of this, the first representative you get in touch with may not have much authority for higher-level transactions such as canceling an account.

    MyFax was acquired by j2 Global, the same company that owns eFax, in late 2010. Over the last year, we have received numerous complaints about the service and its reliability. Also, they no longer offer a 500 combined page plan, so their "Best Value" plan is a pretty average value plan with 200 inbound and 100 outbound pages included for $10/month.

    These are two major brands in the fax industry, but since they are both owned by the same company, it would be a good idea to use our comparison chart to see how these guys stack up against the rest of the industry.

    Reece, ChooseWhat Staff

  3. BradT5582

    BradT5582 New Member

    Though I have yet to try MyFax, from my experience with eFax the reviews you've read are dead-on. They have incompetent customer service reps, they only allow 30 pages per month in their regular plan, after that they charge .10 per page in addition to the highest monthly charges of any of the companies I've seen. Good luck getting the service canceled, multiple calls to reps who can't seem to communicate with each other, one says one thing, one says another. In my opinion, this company is not worthy of anyone's recommendation.
  4. FaxLogic

    FaxLogic New Member

    eFax recently acquired MyFax. It's not clear what that means long-term, but I think it's fair to expect some consolidation of back-office functions and "standardization" of company policies. Among other things, staff at MyFax was cut back significantly. Read more here:

  5. Koby

    Koby New Member

    Thanks for the input FaxLogic. We have dealt with quite a few recent inquiries of people who have been dissatisfied with MyFax's service, so it'll be interesting to see if MyFax's service improves or deteriorates.

  6. jimsocal

    jimsocal New Member

    MYFAX IS TERRIBLE. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM! and both have tons of complaints about people being charged for money they do not owe, either charged after cancelling or charged for no reason like me. As I understand it both are owned by the same company now.

    Furthermore: It took me 2 months, about 25 phone calls, a 40 minute chat, waiting on hold for hours altogether, and leaving messages 10-15 times (they NEVER called me back!) to take care of this problem.

    Finally I found a different number (not on their web site) which is: 1-888-733-0000 x672 Finally with that (after leaving several messages) I got a response saying I do not owe them any money.

    I recommend that no one does business with these companies! If you give them your credit card you will regret it! Use their FREE service all you want but never give them your credit card info because once they have it they will charge you money you do not owe and as my experience and others' shows, getting through to anyone there to fix any incorrect charging is a Kafka-esque nightmare!

  7. jimsocal

    jimsocal New Member

    P.S. Just do a search for "Complaints re" (or " and you will see that I am not exaggerating.

  8. Reece

    Reece Member

    Thank you for the post Jim, and we're sorry to hear about that mess you were put through. It sounds like eFax's bad customer service has contaminated MyFax's decent reputation since the acquisition. We'll make sure to test their service in the near future to validate these claims so that we can include it on our online fax reviews. Thanks again.

  9. Koby

    Koby New Member


    Sorry to hear about your poor experience with MyFax. You are correct; both MyFax and eFax are owned by j2. If you encounter a problem like this again with a different company, I might consider initiating a chargeback. Obviously, it would be better if you didn't have to resort to this and could cancel easily, but I just wanted to make you aware of an alternate solution. I'll have our Research Team sign up for MyFax and cancel to see if we encounter a similar problem. Thanks again for the feedback.

  10. BH

    BH New Member

    I wish I had read these posts about efax before I signed up with them. I cancelled my service with them and - surprise - they billed me twice for overages claiming I sent faxes of over 300 pages! Customer service is outsourced overseas. Hold times stretch to 10 minutes. No one will do anything, even "second level" support. I will dispute the charges with my credit card company, but efax is doing nothing, and I will never recover the time wasted with these guys. Stay Away from EFAX!

  11. maymary

    maymary New Member

    I am aware of the eFax and the MyFax services but what I am looking for is the ability to use my home fax machine while on the road.

  12. Koby

    Koby New Member

    Thanks for sharing Elizabeth. We've received overwhelmingly great feedback about MetroFax, so I'm glad your experience is in line with it. MyFax just had another outage last week, and we updated our review to mention this.

  13. Koby

    Koby New Member

    MyFax was acquired by j2 in December 2010. Thanks for the insight about your great experience with FaxLogic Robert!

  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    DO NOT USE myfax - BRUTAL outages and no answers or explanation at all. They were out last night for several hours and their websites were down as well. Incidentally, I was told I could to their support website to check the network status - when I was called back 14 hours after leaving several tech support voicemails.

    On April 3rd to 5th calling fax machines were provided a message that the number did not exist (Yeah - you want clients to hear that!) or were forwarded to a random voicemail box.

    When I asked for a credit for the huge amount of added work that my staff had to do I was told No credit will be made as WE DO NOT HAVE ANY SLA or availability promise.

    So if you use fax for distributing jokes to your grandparents then <a href="" title="ChooseWhat's MyFax Online Fax Review">MyFax</a> is perfect for you.

    <strong>If you use fax for business then STAY AWAY FROM MYFAX.</strong>

    We are in the process of changing to <a href="" title="ChooseWhat's Faxage Online Fax Review">Faxage</a> - much better if you do VERY high volume incoming.

    This is 100% factual and I do not work for any fax related companies or anything else like that.

    Good Luck!

  15. Reece

    Reece Member

    Actually Rumi, if you use the vendor link on our comparison grid and reviews, neither eFax or MyFax require a setup fee to send and receive faxes. After looking through InterFax's review and website it looks like there IS a $9.50 set up fee if you ever want to receive faxes, which is very high compared to our Market Standard of no set up fee.

    Also, from my time spent using both MyFax and eFax, I have never had to install any software. On both of their landing pages (the websites you go to when you click on the links from our reviews), it clearly states that you can send faxes directly from email without even using your account interface from their website. So I'm not exactly sure where you're finding this information but it seems to be incorrect. If you haven't clicked the links from our reviews to get these better deals, I suggest doing that. You may find that both of these services meet your needs better than Interfax.

    Anyways, thanks for the post, Rumi! I hope this helps


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