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Discussion in 'General Business' started by emil, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. emil

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    Hi all,

    There is a small building near my home which I am planning to convert into an office for my travel agency.

    The building is in a very poor condition and needs to be renovated.
    So the work has begun and there is a lot of scrap and waste piling up because they are reconstructing the whole thing. And it is posing a problem for the neighbors.

    I’m thinking of hiring DIY bin rentals so that I can collect everything together in a place and then at the the end when the work is over, they can haul it away.
    But I have a small question regarding the type and size of the bin that will be required. And any idea regarding the rental charges? Has anyone here hired such bin rentals?

    Waiting for your replies.
  2. Charles T

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    I'm not sure how much scrap you're generating, but I have seen people who are doing smaller DIY renovations (on condos, small homes, etc.) use PODS before. They're convenient because they neatly take up exactly as much room as one parking space, can be locked up easily, and are also very easy to pick up & haul away.

    Before investing in a service or bin though, take a look at your city's trash collection website and see if they do "Bulk Trash Pickup" annually or biannually. In Austin, TX (where I am) the city will come by twice per year (6 months apart) and collect any scrap placed out on the curb as long as it's sorted into piles (metal, wood, etc) - it's acceptable to begin piling this on the curb up to two weeks prior, so it's a godsend for well timed renovations here.

    My 2 cents!
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  3. the ceo

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    agree with you Charles

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