No monthly fees! I want a pay per fax service.

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    [Updated March 21, 2013]

    If a monthly contract isn't ideal for your internet faxing needs, there are other options!

    A few internet fax providers offer pay-per-fax options, and the best we've found is FaxAway. The service has you add a $10 balance to your account before you start using it, but only charges you for the faxes you send at the low rate of 11¢ per page.

    Find out more details in our<a href="" title="FaxAway Review" rel="nofollow"> review of FaxAway</a> or visit ChooseWhat's <a href="" title="Compare Online Fax Services" rel="nofollow">Online Fax comparison</a> section to compare all top online fax services so you can make a more educated buying decision before you determine which one is right for your needs.


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