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Discussion in 'Phone & Fax for Business' started by BradT5582, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. BradT5582

    BradT5582 New Member

    Love the work you have done with your online fax comparison page, but is there any way to add another row? I would love to know how long each have been in business. My wife has subscribed to one service before, and it went under. Now she is hesitant to do it again, but I am trying to get her to go this route.

    Your page will help tremendously, but knowing how long each have been around might help her feel more confident in choosing another. Just a thought. Thanks
  2. Koby

    Koby New Member

    We'll definitely consider adding when the companies began in business to our website (it is quite a big differentiator in my opinion). We've seen quite a bit of fax companies go under as well.
  3. oceane

    oceane New Member

    Very good comparison! I'd like you to add, that offers reliable and efficient fax email service and activates for a long time.


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