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Discussion in 'Business Cards & Printed Marketing Materials' started by jen, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. jen

    jen New Member

    I've heard so much about vcards (or electronic business cards) lately and have been recommended specific mobile applications that handle vcards. I was wondering what you thought about vcards as a replacement for paper business cards. Is ordering paper business cards worth it nowadays? In the digital age, paper cards seem rather outdated. However, it does seem that exchanging information digitally takes more time and hassle than it would to just hand someone a piece of paper.
    I found this list of iPhone apps for vcards: It looks like a few of the apps depend on the person you're exchaning info with also having the same app. This could be a hassle if the other person has a different smartphone phone or app than you. On the other hand, forcing someone to put your info directly into their phone ensures that they won't lose your information.
    What do you think? Are electronic cards preferred over paper cards nowadays? Is it worth it to purchase paper cards or apps or both?
  2. Reece

    Reece Member

    I would say that it's definitely worth ordering paper <strong><a href="" target="_blank">business cards</a></strong> even if you have virtual business cards because (as with any technology) there will be resistance to change. Some people still use archaic fax machines to fax documents when there is free email and online fax services at much cheaper prices. The last thing you want is to not have a paper business card when a contact asks you for one. So my advice would be to diversify the types of business cards you have so that you are always prepared. <br><br>Thanks for the question!<br> Reece, <strong>ChooseWhat Staff</strong>
  3. courtneyadams

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    How about neither paper or vcards, but plastic like these: Plastic Business Cards. It would make you come across as being unique and innovative. Not everyone is going to be able to receive you electronic card(many people still don't own a smartphone) and it's something different from your traditional paper stock cards.
  4. KateB

    KateB New Member

    I complletely agree that business paper cards form an indispensable part of any corporate organization. It has a far more reaching effect and not always is it possible to send vcards.
  5. jacklee15

    jacklee15 New Member

    According to me both are advantageous whether it is business cards or v cards, both are beneficial in promoting the business. Business cards helps a lot to create the solid brand for the business and on other hand vCards too helps a lot to create the awesome reputation among the clients.

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  6. ilovemedia

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    Vcards are excellent alternatives to traditional business cards. But call me old-fashioned, exchanging print cards with someone is still more convenient especially if you are in a hurry.


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