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    Hey buddy,

    I am new to this forum. I want to design my new business cards for my new PVC panelling business.

    And I have chosen this firm to get it designed.

    Should I go for metallic or simple paper business cards?

    Please Tell me because I am very much confused about the material of business cards and the company which I have opted.

    I found this firm pretty good because the reviews on the website impress me a lot.
  2. leo

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    Re: Welcome to the Order Business Cards Forum!

    The type of business card you want depends on the type of business. If you're in a professional services firm, I'd recommend a traditional paper card. However, if you're an artist, builder or some kind of craftsman, or you trying to build an edgy brand, a metal card could be a great option.

    Given that you have a PVC paneling business, I think a metal card would be a good fit. Definitely would make you stand out.

    I did check out the website, and, although the cards look very cool, they are incredibly expensive for business cards. The standard stainless cards start at $600 for 200 cards. That's $3 per card. Might want to compare that to other marketing opportunities that you have available (perhaps spend that money on Google's Adwords to drive generate some new leads).

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