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    I registered for the online fax site of POPFAX.com who recently extended their coverage for the USA. I wanted to warn the USA because this website is absolutely deceptive, and within a few clicks you could have money stolen from you like I did.

    Firstly, I just wanted to send a few simple faxes from my computer at my apartment since it was raining outside. I enter my credit card information to buy a 5 euro credit. I then received an email that my credit card would be charged with 24.99 euros. I immediately send an email to express my dismay, but I have not received a response.

    THEN, in hopes of researching the crime on my own, I continued to look on their website. I simply tapped on the option on the front page of a perspective order, and they automatically charged me for the order WITHOUT any confirmation, and they KEPT my credit card information WITHOUT permission.

    popfax.com is a thief. DO NOT USE!!!!!!!

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