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Discussion in 'Credit Card Processing' started by Emma Megan, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Emma Megan

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    Online business has become challenging owing to payment techniques available these days. If you run an e-commerce business, make sure to get the best of e-commerce merchant services. Now let your customers stay connected with your business 24/7 and manage cash flow smoothly & accurately. Hurry up! It’s time to replace cash with plastic money.
  2. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    @Emma Megan
    Other than helping e-commerce businesses accept credit card payments, does Paycron help with setting up any alternative payment methods additionally? Like PayPal & Google Wallet, for example?
  3. Emma Megan

    Emma Megan New Member

    Paycron helps like PayPal, not google wallet, because Paycron provides merchant accounts so that we can take money via any debit or credit card.
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  4. Monica Jenner

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    I personally run an ecommerce business related to clothing.
  5. the ceo

    the ceo Member

    thank you for sharing this

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