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Discussion in 'Data Backup & Secruity' started by thomasdirwin, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. thomasdirwin

    thomasdirwin New Member

    I'm looking for an online, secure data back up plan for my family's personal "E-Assets" :) with reasonable pricing and automatic syncing/updating...

    What do you guys think about this:

    The "pay as you go" $0.15/GB/Mo price strikes me as fair and sustainable whereas everyone else seems ripe to get "Mozy-ed" when their teaser introductory rate evaporates... I'm just not certain exactly what "the cloud" is and what making use of it means... I welcome your thoughts/suggestions...


  2. casey

    casey New Member

    Hi Thomas,

    Rackspace's Cloud Drive solution uses the exact same software but at different pricing as Jungle Disk who we review here: http://online-backup.choosewhat.com/online-backup-reviews/jungle-disk

    The Rackspace solution looks slightly expensive to me, but the perfect backup solution for you will depend on a few more details.

    After checking out their site and talking to customer support, I learned that a "User" with Rackspace may back up as many devices as they wish, which means you probably won't have to purchase multiple users ($4.00 per user per month) to back up your whole family unless you wish to set different permissions for viewing and backing up certain files based on family member.

    You will pay $4.00 per month for your first 10 GB and $0.15/GB/Mo after that as you noted. So at 50 GBs, you're paying $10/mo, at 100 GBs $17.50/mo, at 150 GBs $25.00/mo.

    Comparatively, as you'll see on our homepage grid, http://online-backup.choosewhat.com/, Mozy provides 50 GB for $5.99/mo, ElephantDrive offers 100 GB for $9.95/mo, and IDrive provides 150 GB for $4.95/mo.

    Note that Mozy charges per device, so this is often not preferable. ElephantDrive offers unlimited device backup, but IDrive offers unlimited device backup as well and is half the cost of ElephantDrive.

    If you could tell me a little bit more about how many devices you'd like to back up, what sort of permissions you'd like to set for different family members, and how many GBs you're aiming to store, we can evaluate how different solutions treat your situation.

  3. thomasdirwin

    thomasdirwin New Member

    Hi Casey,

    Thank you for the thoughtful and thorough reply. I'm really looking for something to securely store/backup the "My Documents" folder, my iTunes catalog, and all of my family's photos... I'm not a terribly complicated user I don't think I'll need and I can't fathom why I would need to have more than one device unless that means that if I have to replace my computer, the new one will be considered a different device... That would be troubling... Basically, all my "devices": iPod, etc., are populated from my computer so I can't think of why I may want to have multiple permissions... My purposes are really disaster recovery only...

    So, that being said and assuming the answer to the replacement question is no, I'm after security, ease of synchronization, and sustainability for an "in the ballpark" kind of price. Let me explain why I mention the sustainability... Online backup strikes me as a fairly young service from a consumer adoption standpoint, and I don't want to wind up hopscotching around to the newest, cheapest provider only to find out they were offering unsustainable "teaser rates" to take share... Tangent but very much related to the inconvenience factor of this scenario, I don't want to leave my personal data scattered around multiple servers all over the planet... Every PE backed "latest and greatest" would I'd wager, try to get you in the door with a cheaper monthly rate and tolerable time commitment but then double or triple the price (Mozy) because their fee was never enough to cover their operating model... I'd rather pay up a little and have some measure of security around the permanence of the relationship...

    My particulars... Mozy tells me I'm currently using ~65 GB of space and that will presumably be going to go up over time...probably by a lot and particularly if a movie solution resembling iTunes matures... I'd kind of expect data storage to keep getting cheaper, but you never know. As far as users are concerned, I think it's just me as a proxy for my whole family's data... The user name and pw would just be there for my wife/kids if ever I weren't around...

    What do you think?

  4. leo

    leo Member

    One comment about the option to back up "multiple devices" under one account for no additional fee: This would be beneficial if your wife and kids get their own computers or devices (tablets, smartphones, etc) where they might want to backup and access this information. This backup multiple devices option would allow you to back up each computer under a single account and give you access to all of it in one place.

    I'll leave it to Casey to address your other comments.

  5. casey

    casey New Member

    I think there's a lot to be said for questioning the long term viability of the unlimited pricing model. In press releases accompanying their price switch last year, Mozy stressed increasing average account size as the reason they could not continue unlimited accounts. Simply put, the widespread adoption of digital recording technology like smartphones and digital cameras greatly increased the amount of data an average user had from 2006 to 2011. I'd say while 5 years of unlimited storage for $5.00 a month was a pretty good run, their radical change to pricing without grandfathering in existing users was awful PR. It's too bad they didn't address this like Carbonite who raised their unlimited plan last year from $55.00 to $59.00 dollars a year.

    That being said, a company who priced by the GB like Rackspace only stand to see revenues increase as average amount of data stored increases. If you're comfortable with the pricing model, I say go for it.


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