Rackspace Billing Trouble?

Discussion in 'Small Business Computer' started by jason, May 10, 2012.

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    Hi James,
    Thanks for posting about this. I've not personally heard of any problems like this with Rackspace, but I can completely understand your frustration. I've used Rackspace many times for their CloudServers and always found the customer support to be helpful. I've contacted customer support at Rackspace and alerted them to this problem and I've been told that someone should be contacting you soon to help you out with this.

    Here are some helpful tips when dealing with Rackspace customer support:

    <li>Keep a cool head and remember that even though you've been dealing with this for days/weeks/months the person you're talking to is probably new to the situation.</li>
    <li>Use the "Live Chat" feature by logging into your account first and then clicking on Live Chat. Using chat generally keeps my frustration in check and removes any emotion behind my words.</li>
    <li>Don't be afraid to ask to escalate the issue if your problem is not being solved. Sometimes an issue can be solved by talking to a different representative, but sometimes the issue requires someone with more decision making power.</li>
    Please let us know if you are able to resolve this issue with RackSpace, we're eager to hear about the resolution to your RackSpace troubles.


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