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Discussion in 'General Business' started by thiery27, May 22, 2018.

  1. thiery27

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    Anyone have experience with online reputation/review management software that offers spanish and french as language options when requesting feedback from customers in marketing campaigns?
  2. thiery27

    thiery27 New Member

  3. leo

    leo Member

    Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with multi lingual online reputation management software. What companies have you looked at so far? Do you need the software to handle the translating or will you hire someone to do that? Also, I may not fully understand what you're looking for, but, if you want to request feedback from customers in multiple languages in marketing campaigns, is there any reason you can't just customize the content with whichever language you are targeting?
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  4. the ceo

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    sorry I don't have any experience with online reputation management software
  5. SamuelKennedy

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    I didn't use any Review management software. But I can suggest some of the best Review management software, which is as follows:-
    SDL Trados Studio, etc.
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